Another application developed using Reinforced Earth® walls is the construction of bridge abutments using the Reinforced Earth® method.

The method has been preferred in highway and railway construction for many years because it is fast and reliable.

Application can be done in two different ways;

  • Reinforced earth abutmens ; where the bridge loads are carried directly by the reinforced earth block itself.
  • Composite abutments; where the loads are carried on pile foundations and the reinforced soil walls rise together with the wing walls for the sole purpose of retaining the fill.

Wing walls (approach ramps) of a bridge are oftenly constructed using the reinforced soil method for following reasons;

– flexibility of the structure,

– Allows work without disrupting existing traffic with a narrow working area requirement and

– It is extremely useful in terms of speed (enabling opposite walls to rise simultaneously with a single filling layer).


Engineering Specialization

Working together with bridge designers, our engineers comprehensively analyze site conditions and design the most optimized geometric and static solution to meet long-term service life requirements.




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