For more than 50 years, Terre Armée companies have played an important role in all types of industrial projects throughout the world.

Unlike most urban, residential and commercial areas, industrial areas require greater attention to active building design. Designing for the loads imposed by heavy-duty machinery and equipment, the effects of thermal fluctuations, or exposure to chemicals are just a few of the vulnerabilities that arise in the industrial field.

Reinforced Earth combines construction performance, risk reduction and safety, and years of research and development enable our engineers to develop innovative industrial solutions:

  • Material production and storage facilities
  • Working platforms
  • Explosive and chemical material storage areas
  • Protective structures
  • Industrial roads and bridges

Designing and supplying materials for heavily loaded Reinforced Earth® walls forms the basis of our overall approach. We are proud to have built reinforced soil walls carrying up to 2,600 tons of live load throughout the world.


Extreme load bearing capacity

Extreme load bearing capacity

Reinforced Earth® structures have extreme load-bearing capacity and are resistant to vibrations, making them ideal for supporting live loads of heavy industrial vehicles and demanding activities.



Steel-reinforced Reinforced Earth® structures, which can withstand extreme temperature differences such as liquid natural gas at 160°C and flame temperatures of approximately 1100°C, have become a safe choice for the construction of industrial infrastructure.

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