Reinforced Earth A.Ş. also provides services in Ground Stabilization with geosynthetic products developed and produced within the Group.


With two basic products in this field; ArmaGrid and ArmaLynk are at the service of our customers in the following applications:

  • Ground stabilization and improvement,
  • Fillings on ground/rock gaps that will cause collapse
  • Storage expansions
  • Sloping retaining walls
  • Highways, railways, bridges, airport runways
  • All fillings to be made on soft grounds
  • Load transfer platforms
  • Pile based fillings


Made from Polyester (PET) or Polypropylene (PP)

Provides strength in one or two directions

Maximum Tensile Strength: 300 kN/m


  • Improves load distribution in both directions,
  • Ensures the preservation of structural integrity,
  • Reduces differential settlements.
  • It does not react with chemicals including acids, alkalis and salts in the soil and is not affected by microorganisms (PP).


ArmaLynk :

High-strength geogrid, produced from high-strength polyester (PET).

Tensile Strength: 300 kN/m – 1200 kN/m


  • Provides time saving and economy when used with deep foundation solutions (piles, stone columns, etc.),
  • Quantities, weights and roll sizes can be optimized at any time thanks to project-specific design, production and transportation possibilities.
  • Thanks to its high durability, it extends the service life of structures by eliminating deterioration and abrasion on coatings and sub-base elements.






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