Residential housing development presents special challenges to developers and suppliers of site services.

The Reinforced Earth method offers a wide range of engineering solutions proven to provide perfect fit from foundation to surface for Housing and Residential, Commercial and Logistics, Functional Facilities and Sports and Recreational facilities.

Housing and settlement:

  • Starting from foundation preparation with geosynthetic products,
  • Land optimization through environmentally friendly landscaping solutions with Reinforced Earth® walls
  • Tunnels and pedestrian or vehicle bridges using Reinforced Earth® and Corrugated Steel Structures.

Trade and Logistics:

Likely to be in a commercial area,

  • Office buildings
  • Parking lots
  • Warehouses
  • Roads, ports, etc. can be built quickly and reliably with reinforced earth solutions.

Functional Facilities:

Reinforced Earth PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS can meet infrastructures in Public and private facilities such as schools & campuses, hospitals, office buildings, museums.

  • Roads, access to transportation networks,
  • Support structures around the building,
  • Ground stabilization.


Field adaptability

Field adaptability

Our solutions offer high adaptability, allowing construction in terrains with challenging geotechnical and topographic characteristics.

Endless aesthetic possibilities

Endless aesthetic possibilities

Reinforced Earth® wall panels are designed in different colors, patterns and shapes, offering endless aesthetic possibilities.

Narrower land use and site impact

Narrower land use and site impact

Reinforced earth® structures require less site use during construction; This provides a great advantage where the project must adapt to existing infrastructure and dense urban areas.

Ergonomics and economy

Ergonomics and economy

We consider the constraints and sensitivities of building in an urban environment. Minimizing the required space, time and cost are the factors taken into consideration in our designs.

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