Dependable structures built to support the full range of mining and mineral operations.

Mining and mining sites contain infrastructure such as roads, causeways, tunnels and discharge walls that support processing facilities. Since this infrastructure is intended to provide maximum performance under heavy and vibrating loads, the Reinforced Earth method is often preferred to build high-quality, durable structures.

The main applications in mining structures are as follows:

Accessing and export ;

                        Roads and railways, Bridges (ramp walls and abutments that will carry heavy loads), Overpasses and underpasses

Processing ;   

                         Crusher unit damp walls, Froth settler tanks

Storing ;

                        Bulk materials, Slot storage bunkers, glory holes, Fresh water reservoirs ,  sedimentation basins

Risk Mitigation ;

                        Pollution containment, Explosion protection


Extreme load bearing capacity

Extreme load bearing capacity

Reinforced Earth® structures have extreme load-bearing capacity and are resistant to vibrations, making them ideal for supporting live loads of heavy industrial vehicles and demanding activities such as crushing and screening.



Reinforced Earth® structures can be built to very tall heights, over large surfaces, and are flexible to meet various geometric requirements such as curved surfaces, straight or curved facades.

Easy and rapid installation

Easy and rapid installation

Our structures are easy and fast to install. Requiring little space and offering a predictable work schedule, these products are an ideal choice on active mine sites where little interruption to operations can be tolerated.

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