In 1963, French engineer Henri Vidal developed a new composite material, as well as a construction technology, by using soil and reinforcement together; Reinforced Earth® technology.

This technology, which is very practical to use, was rapidly adopted in the world and in our country as an ideal “reinforced soil” solution.

It has been successfully implemented all over the world for 60 years and in our country for nearly 40 years.

Reinforced Earth® İnşaat Proje ve Tic A.Ş. was founded in 1998 under Terre Armee Group, the inventor and developer of this technology.

Terre Armee Group, which has unique expertise and knowledge in the fields of soil-structure interaction and engineering fills, operates today with more than 30 offices in 5 continents. Born from a pioneering invention, the Group both expands and improves its product and service range day by day with its understanding of continuous renewal and R&D tradition.

Reinforced Earth® İnşaat Proje ve Tic A.Ş., with the technical support and experience it received from the Group,  has successfully implemented nearly 2,000,000 m2 of domestic and export projects to date.


At the origin of mechanically stabilized earth structures, Terre Armée has an active presence on the five continents. Worldwide leader in soil reinforcements, we are proud to build on the legacy of Henri Vidal’s Reinforced Earth® invention and call ourselves The Original. Read more about who we are and how we got there.

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Born from a pioneering invention, innovation runs in Terre Armée’s veins. Continuously striving to improve what we can offer today is key to our success and that of our customers.  See how we do it >>

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