Since the company’s beginning, Terre Armée and its subsidiaries have been involved in the development of roads and motorways.

Building roads may often require altering landforms, thus cutting through hills and rough terrain, or expanding and rehabilitating existing infrastructure.

All these works required to build road infrastructure fully comply with our company’s solutions and especially the Reinforced Earth® technique.

Over the years, our engineers and designers have gained tremendous experience in developing the engineering solutions required to deal with all types of soils, project constraints and terrain formations.

Retaining walls

Reinforced Earth® technology has been widely used in the world for more than 60 years and in our country for nearly 40 years, allowing the construction of safe and flexible structures with vertical or inclined surfaces, single or tiered.

Reinforced Earth® allows producing optimum solutions for different fill types and project requirements using steel or geosynthetic reinforcements.


Owing to use of geogrids, engineering solutions can be provided for the following areas :

Soil stabilization

When building a road, especially when dealing with poor ground conditions and low bearing capacity, it is very important to master the long-term behavior of the ground under traffic loads. Produced with our engineering expertise, our range of geogrids (ArmaGrid and ArmaLynk) reduce the excavations required and the volumes of aggregate to be used, thereby reducing construction costs and construction time, while ensuring the long-term performance of the pavement.

For detailed information, link to Geosynthetics Booklet

Buried bridge structures and tunnels

By means of using multi-plate corrugated steel structures (CSA), buried transition structures of different sizes, single or multi-span highway underpasses and wildlife passages can be constructed.

For detailed information, link to the CSA booklet.

Wing walls and bridge abutments

Crossing from highway embankment to bridge can occur in many ways. Approaching ramps made as reinforced earth wing walls are widely used because of their advantages such as construction speed, ease of manufacturing and not stopping existing traffic. Our bridge abutment solutions provide engineering-satisfactory and economical solutions in terms of load distribution and settlement. It is ideal for handling the conditions suitable for the project with its pile supported or fill supported options.

Roadway widening

With traffic constantly increasing, roads often need to be widened to increase their capacity. Our retaining wall solutions, which can be applied when there is not enough space on the roadside, will allow to increase the width of the road while ensuring the service continuity of the infrastructure. Our TerraLink® powered retaining wall solution has proven to be an excellent option for road widening applications as well as allowing a new structure to be connected to an existing structure.


Engineering expertise

Engineering expertise

In addition to the expertise of our own engineers, TERRE ARMEE Group’s experience from applications around the world maximizes the ability of our design and application teams to produce solutions.

Customized solutions

Customized solutions

Our design and implementation engineers will help you find the best possible formula for your project, responding to your budget requirements, time constraints and quality expectations.

Cost savings

Cost savings

Our engineered solutions will help you save costs compared to traditional cast-in-place solutions or other solutions that may require expensive and heavy machinery.

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